Lathe characteristics

The proper cutting speed for a given job depends upon the hardness of the material being machined, the material of the tool bit, and how much feed and depth of cut is required.

A dial indicator must be used to set up the cathead to be concentric and accurate. I use these for nearly all the hex head screws on the lathe. Before mounting lathe centers in the headstock or tailstock, thoroughly clean the centers, the center sleeve, and the tapered sockets in the headstock and tailstock spindles.

Do not set the tool bit at a right angle to the taper of the thread. Since the jaws are individually aligned on the scroll, the jaws cannot usually be reversed. A metric dial indicator can be used to measure the guide bar set over, or the values can be changed to inch values and an inch dial indicator used.

The diameter at the large end is as many eighths, the diameter at the small end is as many tenths, and the length as many half-inches as indicated by the number of the taper.

The 3-wire method is another method of measuring the pitch diameter for American National 60 degree and Unified threads. Side and front clearances must be ground, plus the special point shape for the type of thread desired. Identify the tip radius of a CNC lathe cutting tool. This mixture is the cheapest of all coolants and has practically no lubricating value.

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The square screw thread is a power transmitting thread that is being replaced by the Acme thread. However, the metal circular sawing machine is one of the more versatile and extensive methods of cutting the pipe, which is not only efficient, but also has a flat cut and is cost-effective.

After backing the tool bit out from the workpiece, traverse the tool bit back to the starting point by reversing the lathe spindle direction while leaving the half-nut lever engaged.

If an irregularly shaped workpiece is to be mounted in the independent chuck, then a straight, hardened steel bar can be used with a dial indicator to align the workpiece.

Live Center Centers are often used in the tailstock to support the end of a relatively long and limber workpiece. The jaws must be carefully adjusted for proper alignment and locked in position. The end of the tool should be ground flat, the flat being equal to one-half the pitch of the thread to produce equal flats and spaces on the threaded part.

The popularity of using ductile iron continues to increase especially with the growing concern over leaded steels being an environmental hazard. Remove chuck keys and wrenches before operating Always wear protective eye protection.

The tailstock is mounted on the ways and is designed to be clamped at any point along the ways.

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The serial number is stamped on the tailstock end of the bed between the flat- and v-ways. It Is used to determine the size and type of lathe, plus any special features or attachments.

The earliest records show that lathes were numbered sequentially, beginning within. lathes. Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur as indicated in Fig. by precision machining. like components of small clocks and wrist type automatic lathe The characteristics and applications of these single spindle automatic lathes are: • In respect of application: Used for lot or mass production of thin slender rod or tubular.

A lathe / l e ɪ ð / is a tool that One of the key characteristics of this machine was that the workpiece was turning as opposed to the tool, making it technically a lathe (see attached drawing).

This lathe is designed to accommodate various types of wheelsets with bearing boxes to meet the specific requirements for profiling dismantled wheelsets (wheels, brake discs).

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Metal circular saw machine characteristics

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Lathe characteristics
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