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After the bombing, Picasso was made aware of what had gone on in his country of origin.

The Old Guitarist

At 22, Picasso was overcome with a sadness that he projected on this piece, and many others from his Blue Period. The sketch includes color notations rouge [red] for the background and blue for the sky. The brightness of the guitar could be seen to speak to how Picasso viewed his own art as a bright spot even in his darkest times.

Guernica is blue, black and white, 3. He knew what it was like to be impoverished, having been nearly penniless during all of What was discovered was an abandoned portrait of a nude young woman, seated and nursing a child from her right breast, as well as a calf and cow.

In his austere use of colour and sometimes doleful subject matter — prostitutes and beggars are frequent subjects — Picasso was influenced by a trip through Spain and by the suicide of his friend Carlos Casagemas.

Pablo Picasso The Old Guitarist Painting Analysis

The Focus The man holding the guitar, is a blind man, holding the round guitar close to his body. Picasso takes inspiration from El Greco with the body of his guitarist.

He has contributed an estimated 13, masterpieces paintings throughout his 75 years work span and most of the time each painting highly symbolizes the outpour of his emotions at that moment. Picasso was especially intrigued by blindness and seemingly blind figures can be found in several of his works.

Lastly, the portrait Celestina displayed a woman with one milky unseeing eye. Shadows on his face and limbs make him appear gaunt, and starved. At the time the painting was made, literature of the Symbolist movement included blind characters who possessed powers of inner vision.

The painting becomes much more interesting, when we learn what lies beneath this painting. During the war, Picasso was able to continue painting uninterrupted, unlike his French comrades. It is also noticeable that the painting seems to exaggerate the details to create more dramatic effects.

About This Artwork

He was often harassed by the Gestapo. On completion Guernica was displayed around the world in a brief tour, becoming famous and widely acclaimed.

Picasso met Fernande Oliviera bohemian artist who became his mistress, in Paris in After this period, Picasso painted many somber works, including the ill, poor, and individuals who were cast out of society. Others have pointed out that the eyes of the guitarist are closed, perhaps implying that he was blind.

Pablo Picasso The Old Guitarist Painting Pablo Picasso is considered as one of the institutions of art and up to this time, the works of Picasso have never failed to inspire, persuade, and earn the attention of others.

Pablo Picasso, The Old Guitarist,Art Institute of Chicago The Blue Period (Spanish: Período Azul) is a term used to define the works produced by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso between and when he painted essentially monochromatic paintings in shades of blue and blue-green, only occasionally warmed by other colors.

The Old Guitarist was created by Pablo Picasso in while he was living in Spain during what would be later referred to as his Blue Period. This period was hallmarked by almost universal use of a monochromatic blue palette, somber and dismal subjects and an overall impoverished tone.

The Old Guitarist is an oil painting by Pablo Picasso created late – early It depicts an old, blind, haggard man with threadbare clothing weakly hunched over his guitar, playing in the streets of Barcelona, Spain. The Old Guitarist – by Pablo Picasso / Under normal light a ghostly image of a female face is faintly visible under the surface of The Old Guitarist.

The Old Guitarist – by Pablo Picasso / Reflectance transformation imaging accentuates the face. Along with Georges Braque, Picasso is best known as one of the creators of Cubism, though he utilized many styles during his career.

In the paintings of his Blue Period (–), such as The Old Guitarist, Picasso worked with a monochromatic palette, flattened forms, and tragic, sorrowful themes. Pablo Picasso produced The Old Guitarist, one of his most haunting images, while working in Barcelona.

In the paintings of his Blue Period (–04), of which this is a prime example, Picasso restricted himself to a .

The old guitarist pablo picasso
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